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xandra the witch

*now recruiting witchy ones*


1:1 leadership coaching

december 2022


staffordshire, england

aries full moon 2023

email: xandrathewitch@gmail.com

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Purple and White Stars


a winter mastermind

for deepening your dedication to the magical abyss of creativity

& emerging as your shining self

Embark on a journey that leads you to a January like never before. On the other side of this mentorship, you feel elegant certainty in every step. No longer spending energy convincing yourself of the path, you now have space…

to journal by hand,

to let ideas fall from the sky on winter walks,

at the stride of the Earth’s seasons,

to dream by candlelight,

to rest by the phases of the moon,

to run towards your favourite things,

even if they seem insensible —

and allow it all to piece together in clarity.

Your schedule is spacious, ripe with availability for surprise and spontaneity - of magic waiting to happen. Every commitment on your planner, whether work or play, is something you anticipate with excitement. Showing up and advocating for what you believe in feels comfortable and sustainable. You are in alignment with your way, that suits your pace and greatest talents - your sorcery.

Your leadership is like no other. You have released yourself from the system’s pressures and impossible standards, with purpose. When you receive this for yourself, you begin to give it those you lead.

You honour your desires every day. You know, at your core, that you have done enough to shift the world, and heal its losses. You are the living example of the change you hope for others. You show that this life is attainable, and one that we all deserve.

Are you tired of being so patient? It is time to transform your diligence into impactful leadership.

if this is you, i offer the following:

an intensive of intuitive guidance & my seer senses 🔮

1 quest call

1:1 voxer coaching ☎️

1-31 december 2022

your investment:


(or 2 x $300)

continual dedication to your self & soul calling

There is something more to uncover this year, a final crystallisation that won't come in the form of exerting more effort or 'finishing strong' or doing an arbitrary project.

You could wait. Another year, maybe.

But at some point, you must decide you are ready. Your readiness, in the face of fog and uncertainty, is the key that will continue to unlock the way forward. Not just now, but time and time again. This December could be the one where you break the cycle of stagnation. It is up to you to claim it.


i know you're out there, wise one.

end 2022 like the storm you are ⚡️

Email me:


P.S. I welcome clients of all gender identities. And, if you are curious about the sage sorcerer and your mind interjects “but I’m not a sorcerer,” … you might be exactly who I’m looking for ☺️

"Thanks to Xandra, my creative work is easier and more fun. I’m rediscovering why I fell in love with it in the first place – which is just the most beautiful thing ever!"

"Working with Xandra helped me reclaim the creative side of life I let slip into the back of my mind. I've returned to my dreams revitalised, inspired, and with added spark to my desires."

"Just what my spirit needed. I feel reflective and peaceful after our conversation. Xandra is a compassionate self-care teacher, intuitive leader, and generous guide for rebels."

Purple and White Stars



meet me at the theme park —

where we will practice

plunging into the unknown,

surrendering to chaos + joy.

we shall channel

the goddess Nemesis,

receiving her teachings in

the art of the sacred roar 🦁.

we shall feast, nourish

through the ritual that is the rollercoaster herself.

We will go slowly

And very - very - fast,

All the while

grounding ourselves

amidst noise, chaos, fear,

& portals of potential pleasure.

Pilgrimage to a place

of play & union.

A supercharged shared experience

wherein you nonetheless

retain and unleash your most expressive sense of self.

Scream at the top of your voice,

Give space to the full spectrum of emotion,

& Ascend to the skies

Beneath the light of the full moon 🌕



Early bird booking hatching soon 🐣

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meet xandra

Xandra Sunglim Burns (she/her)

is a Priestess of the Creative Arts, passionate about soul leadership and self-expression. An Oxford graduate and TEDx speaker, she is known for her daily life Taylor Swift Readings and integration of fantasy and reality through essays and quest-based personal development. Her work has been featured on BBC Three, The Guardian, and Business Insider. Find her at a theme park, or coffeeshops and karaoke nights of Edinburgh.



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