Purple and White Stars

xandra the witch

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staffordshire, england

aries full moon 2023

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Purple and White Stars



meet me at the theme park ā€”

where we will practice

plunging into the unknown,

surrendering to chaos + joy.

we shall channel

the goddess Nemesis,

receiving her teachings in

the art of the sacred roar šŸ¦.

we shall feast, nourish

through the ritual that is the rollercoaster herself.

We will go slowly

And very - very - fast,

All the while

grounding ourselves

amidst noise, chaos, fear,

& portals of potential pleasure.

Pilgrimage to a place

of play & union.

A supercharged shared experience

wherein you nonetheless

retain and unleash your most expressive sense of self.

Scream at the top of your voice,

Give space to the full spectrum of emotion,

& Ascend to the skies

Beneath the light of the full moon šŸŒ•



Early bird booking hatching soon šŸ£

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"Thanks to Xandra, my creative work is easier and more fun. Iā€™m rediscovering why I fell in love with it in the first place ā€“ which is just the most beautiful thing ever!"

"Working with Xandra helped me reclaim the creative side of life I let slip into the back of my mind. I've returned to my dreams revitalised, inspired, and with added spark to my desires."

"Just what my spirit needed. I feel reflective and peaceful after our conversation. Xandra is a compassionate self-care teacher, intuitive leader, and generous guide for rebels."

meet xandra

Xandra Sunglim Burns (she/her)

is a Writer, Priestess of the Creative Arts, and theme park enthusiast. An Oxford graduate and TEDx speaker, she illuminates the spiritual in art and pop culture, from Middle Earth to Taylor Swift, forever advocating the wisdom in pursuing joy. Her essays and quest-based personal development programmes have been featured on BBC Three, The Guardian, and Business Insider. She lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, with her fluffy ghoul Snug.





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